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The Importance of Visual Ideation

When describing concept art it’s important to note how its function differs from that of storyboards and other forms of sequential art. Concepts are most often illustrated as a series of unrelated images, each designed to capture a specific design requirement or evoke an emotional reaction from the viewer.

And while this helps cultivate a particular mood or styling, adding to the aesthetic of the film, well-rendered concepts can inform such technical decisions as shot selection, lighting and set or costume design — bringing your film’s total production costs down.

Establishing a Unified Film Language

As film is a visual medium at its core, creating a particular mood or atmosphere for the viewer is one of the many challenges a filmmaker is tasked with. This is where strong concept art designs can help.

Great films manage to express their central message through a variety of narrative motifs and whilst this can sometimes be achieved in post, it’s best practice to explore your design options well in advance.

Specifically, we can provide you with:

Visual Development: Day/night renderings of different environments

Production Design: Detailed turnarounds of character-concepts, and

Set Piece Design: Alternate angles for dynamic shot compositions

Our small team of international illustrators are able to operate across time zones and work to your schedule. Contact us with any questions you may have, for more information or to request a quote based on your current or future project needs.

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