Dichosis Studios

What We Do

Unlike other pre-production agencies that diversify their clientele, Dichosis Studios has a singular interest in film and we’ve made it our mission to help the world’s independent filmmakers tell the best story possible.

We believe that effective storytelling can only be achieved with proper planning and that the early stages of development are most crucial to success.

You’ll find our full list of pre-production services below:

Nothing is more compelling on-screen than a tightly told narrative. Our script developers can provide you with an industry standard logline and an in-depth analysis of your script.

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Professional illustrations that capture more than just the story. Our artists have an eye for detail and a wealth of experience with crafting believable worlds and scenarios.

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Quality stills tailored to the tone of your short or feature film. Useful if you have a specific promotional idea in mind or want to explore a cinematic style in more detail.

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Expressive animations that bring your characters and locations to life, whether for proof of concept, a rough-cut teaser trailer, crowdfunding campaign or grant application.

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For more information about our services, rates or remote working method, please contact us!

Alternatively, view our previous client work and let us know how we can help you plan your next project.

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