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Team Member Profiles

See below for information about our team of international writers and editors, story artists and animators.

Marcus Schultz

Marcus Schultz

Marcus Schultz is a screenwriter and pre-production artist from Perth, Western Australia currently working in the art departments of the film and television industries.

As owner of Dichosis Studios, Marcus regularly contributes to the company blog and is responsible for ensuring the FTVC Insider newsletter reaches subscriber inboxes at the beginning of each month.

Marcus is available for speaking opportunities.

Steven Yu

Steven Yu

Steven Yu is a story artist and illustrator based in Los Angeles. Brought up on science fiction, action films and martial arts, his work epitomises ‘Cyberpunk Impressionism’.

Specialising in concept art, storyboards and graphic design, Steven has worked for internationally recognised clients as 28 Entertainment, Stella Rosa and United Nations Foundation.

Steven currently has a graphic novel in development.

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